Monday, July 24, 2006

Taper for 50-Miler & Floyd Landis Look-Alike Contest

Well, I'm enjoying the taper for my next race, but I really want to run more, damnit!

Saturday, I ran just 1-hour by myself (on trails), and did 1:16:00 of trailrunning on Sunday with the Trail Nerds at Kill Creek Park. The rest of the weekend was spent doing household chores and watching the Floyd Landis Show. Last night, my son and I had a glass of Bordeaux and listened to Aaron Copeland's American in Paris to celebrate.

I've had scores of people say that Floyd looks a lot like me. I will be partially silent on this issue. All I will say is, he does have a similar smile, reddish hair, and the same stubborn streak that all ultra-distance athletes need to have to git-da-job-dun. We're both tenacious mutha's. We could be twin sons of different mothers (and different generations), I guess. Holy crap; I am theoretically old enough to be his daddy! And there was that one cute gal that I met in Pennsylvania in early '75 that was selling Menonite home-baked pies on the side of the couldn't be! (Sorry; especially to Floyd and his real parents, I had a "Bad Ben" moment).

Tonight, I'm going to start to pack for our trip to Oregon. I've already put-aside my running clothes, water bottles, waist pack, and all other running-related items that I'll need for the 50-miler. I'll have to be cagey about my suitcase packing, though. My dog gets really upset if he thinks I'm going on a trip without him. That goes super-ditto for my grandson.

My hips are both fine, but Floyd has better reading vision than me.


Lora said...

Good luck this glad to hear the body has come back for you. do resemble Floyd. Hmm, Floyd.....wasnt that someones name in an old tv show??? I can't remember which one....altzheimer moment.
Have fun at the Ultra....take pics!!

D said...

Are you trying to live up to your blog name with this post..... ;)

Good luck Saturday.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

It was Floyd the Barber, and he was on the Andy Griffith Show. Interestingly, "Floyd the Barber" was also a great (early, pre-Nevermind) Nirvana song.
That's not just my blog name. That's the name I was given 10 years ago by "Lonesome Cowboy Bob," and it stuck like glue. It had something to do with partying all night, and then running a marathon or an ultra the next morning without any sleep. I party much less nowadays, but run and workout a little more.

Bad Ben

Cowboy Bob got into marathon running, partially from my example. He has now run a marathon on every continent. He's also now engaged, so I've renamed him "Semi-Lonesome Cowboy Bob."

angie's pink fuzzy said...

good luck! (i was going to say, have fun! but you always do!)

the race you are doing is one of the races I want to do...